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Scientific Name: Rumina decollata

Order: Stylomnatophora

Family: Subulinidae

Packaging: Cups

Number of Organisms: 1,000/cup

Decollate Snail

*Recommended for control of Brown Garden Snail

General Information


Rumina decollata will eat through their shipping containers within 24 hours; therefore, we suggest you place them in their new home as soon as possible.


Target Crops: Citrus and Ornamentals

Preferred Pest Stage: Immature

Sex Ratio: Hermaphrodite

Fecundity: Average 500 per individual

Longevity: 1-2 years

Release Rate: 

  • Orchards: Release 5 to 10 Decollate Snails per tree.

  • Landscape/Homeowners: Place at least 10 Decollate snails per square foot for good coverage.

Release Method:

  • Orchards: Place snails in shady, moist areas (under tree canopy, leaf litter, or emitter).

  • Landscape/Homeowners: If you are applying snails to a ground cover area, place them over the ground cover.  Shake the cover with your hand so the snails fall through.  Protect seed rows and newly set out transplants from Decollate Snails.  Established ground covers, shrubs, etc. have no problem. **Caution- Some vegetables, such as cabbage and lettuce can be damaged slightly by Decollates.

Timing: The best time to release is during the winter months, December to March. 

Special Instructions:

  1. Release in an area where the soil is moist most of the time but not in standing water. They can drown.

  2. An alternative food source is alfalfa pellets and rabbit food dusted with limestone. This aids in the reproduction of the snails

  3. The Decollate snail is a burrowing snail, so don't get discouraged when you cannot find any for long periods of time.  They tend to dig into the ground and seal over in response to dryness.





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