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Scientific Name: Sympherobius barberi Banks

Race/Strain: California

Order: Neuroptera

Family: Hemerobiidae

Packaging: Adult

Number of Organisms: 100-250 per container

Brown Lacewing

*Recommended for control of soft-bodied insects, scale insects, mealybugs, whiteflies, aphids, mites, psyllids, and insect eggs

General Information


Sympherobius barberi are ready for release upon arrival. They should be released later in the day.  


Target Crops: Citrus, Grapes, Tree Crops, Greenhouse Crops

Preferred Pest Stage: All stages

Fecundity: Up to 400 eggs per female

Longevity: Can live months.  Can live over 30 days under laboratory conditions with food.

Handling: Until release, keep predators in an insulated cooler.  Release as soon as possible.

Release Rate: No field studies have been done. We are currently testing release rates. The following is based upon personal experience using augmentative releases in row and tree crops.  Release 10-30 per plant in tree crops and 1 to 3 per plant in row crops, depending on infestation and size of plant.

Release Method: Release every 3 to 6 rows depending on pest density. Augment with additional releases every two weeks in crop situations.

Timing: Begin releasing as soon as mealybug is exposed.  This should be in late winter or early spring after mealybug leaves the bark.






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