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Scientific Name: Anagyrus pseudococci

Race/Strain: Spain, Italy

Order: Hymenoptera

Family: Encyrtidae

Packaging: Adult

Number of Organisms: 500-1,000 per cup

Anagyrus Pseudococci

*Recommended for control of Vine mealybug, Citrus mealybug, Obscure mealybug, and Longtail mealybug

General Information


Anagyrus pseudococci are ready for release upon arrival. They should be released in the early morning after temperatures have risen about 45 degrees F but below 95 degrees F.


Target Crops: Grapes and Citrus

Preferred Pest Stage: Third and fourth Instars and egg laying adults. They also host feed.

Sex Ratio: 50-60% female

Fecundity: Average 45 eggs/female

Longevity: Females can live 40 days and males 30 days under laboratory conditions with weekly feedings. They survive 14 days with one feeding.  

Handling: Until release, keep parasites in an insulated cooler with wet newspaper and ice packs

Release Rate: 

  • San Joaquin Valley: Relase 500 to 2,000 per acre monthly late April through August. August release is for following season.

  • Coachella Valley Vineyards: Release 15,000 per acre for 4 weeks.  Start 1 week before girdling.

  • Greenhouse: Apply 1 female per 5 square feet of greenhouse. Repeat every two weeks with ongoing evaluations.  

Release Method: Release every 3 to 5 rows.

Timing: Begin releasing as soon as mealybug is exposed. This is typically in late winter or early spring after the mealybug leaves the bark.


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