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Scientific Name: Aphytis melinus

Race/Strain: San Joaquin Valley

Order: Hymenoptera

Family: Aphelinidae

Packaging: Adult

Number of Organisms: 50,000/cup (standard) or 10,000/cup (special order)

Aphytis melinus

*Recommended for control of California Red Scale, Yellow Scale, and Oleander Scale

General Information


Aphytis melinus are ready for release upon arrival. They should be released in the early morning after temperatures have risen about 55 degrees F but below 95 degrees F.


Target Crops: Citrus

Preferred Pest Stage: Third Instar

Sex Ratio: 75% female

Fecundity: Average 24 offspring/female

Longevity: Adults can live up to 26 days with a food source

Handling: Until release, keep parasites in an insulated cooler with wet newspaper and ice packs

Release Rate: 

  • San Joaquin Valley: Release 100,000 per acre

  • Southern California: Release 40,000 per acre 

Release Method: Uniform releases are usually achieved by tapping containers every 6th row at every 6th tree until container is empty.

Timing: Begin releasing in late winter or early spring based on red scale pheromone trap catches or degree day accumulation.  Parasite releases are most effective on or before the beginning of the flight of the male red scale (approximately 700 degree days from the last peak)

Special Instructions:

  1. Bioassay prior to releasing

  2. Control Ants prior to releasing





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